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Why These Questions Are Important?

As you many know, an accurate solar savings calculation will depend on many different variables. Some of the include:

Electricity Demand

Hom much energy do you use in an average year?

Rebates and Incentives

Offered by the state, the federal government, and your local utility company.

System Output

How much electricity can you expect to produce on your particular roof and in your geographic area.

Utility Rate Inflation

At what rate do you expect the cost of your electricity to rise with your local utility company?

Electricity cost

How much are you paying with your current provider?

Financing Options

You can determine if owning, leasing or PPA is best for you.

System Cost

Cost of Installing Solar in Your Area

These are just some of the things we take into consideration when we calculate your savings with  solar panels.  To calculate  your savings, try our free solar calculator and get a custom savings estimate for your zip code area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After you enter your unique home information into our secure system, we'll analyze your roof specs, sun exposure ratings specific to your neighborhood, and your local utility rate schedule.  Our state-of-the-art technology completes these tasks within minutes, matching you with a professional solar design consultant.  Our solar design consultants will personalize, customize and show you the details of our process. No high pressure sales; just a streamlined, simple plan for you to install your solar system. Our goal is to get you the best deal on solar, period. 

If you go to any solar company or installer, you are going to get average customer service, knowledge and most likely unclear prices for the service and product. With Evergreen, you instantly reap the benefits of years of experience and access to all of our partners who are the leaders of the industry. We make sure you always get the best deal, service and long term benefit.  

Evergreen is an independent authorized dealer for Freedom Forever who is the main installer for your solar panel system.

100%. We'll walk you through this process, but rest assured that many homeowners going solar through Evergreen get their entire solar system installed without paying anything upfront.

Most homeowners do, and Evergreen is EXTREMELY good at getting these benefits into your hands.  Our solar partners' extensive experience with rebates, incentives, and tax credits will be immediately apparent upon your first contact with you solar design consultant.


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